Forthcoming Events at the Dome

Monthly Faith Formation

One Tuesday a month, 6.30pm, in the Day Chapel

15th October: Introduction to the Gifts of the Holy Ghost
12th November: Gift of Fear of the Lord
10th December: The Symbol of the Sacred Heart at the Mass 
14th January: Gift of Piety
11th February: Gift of Counsel
10th March: Gift of Fortitude
21st April: Gift of Knowledge
12th May: Gift of Understanding
9th June: Gift of Wisdom

Stations of the Cross

Every Friday during Lent, 6pm
Followed by Veneration of the Relic of the Holy Cross

Holy Week at the Dome

Sunday 5th April: Palm Sunday
8am: Procession and Low Mass at Birkenhead Carmel
10.30am: Procession and Sung Mass

Thursday 9th April: Maundy Thursday
9am: Gregorian Matins – ‘Tenebrae’
2pm – 6pm: Confessions
3pm: Low Mass & Procession at Birkenhead Carmel
7pm: Solemn High Mass & Procession 
Adoration until Midnight

Friday 10th April: Good Friday
9am: Gregorian Matins – ‘Tenebrae’
12 noon – 2pm: Confessions
2pm: Stations of the Cross
3pm: Mass of the Presanctified
5pm – 6pm: Confessions
5.30pm: Mass of the Presanctified at Birkenhead Carmel

Saturday 11th April: Holy Saturday
9am: Gregorian Matins – ‘Tenebrae’
2pm – 5pm: Confessions
4.30pm: Easter Vigil & Low Mass at Birkenhead Carmel
7pm: Easter Vigil & Solemn High Mass

Sunday 12st April: Easter Sunday
8am: Low Mass at Birkenhead Carmel
8.30am: Low Mass with organ
10.30am: Solemn High Mass
5.30pm: Solemn Vespers & Benediction