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Saint Benedict’s Catholic Academy, in the city of Preston provides a classically taught curriculum for your children in a Catholic environment.

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St Benedict’s Academy offers:

• A classically-taught curriculum including English Language & Literature, Maths, Science, History, Latin, French, Art, Catechism and Gregorian Chant;

• A curriculum which complements home- schooling;

• The opportunity to study Greek, Logic and Rhetoric for older children;

• Priests at your service who teach every day of the academic week (Mondays, Thursdays & Friday mornings);

• Sisters present every day in class, making the heart of our Academy beat with their beautiful charism and through their teaching of Gregorian Chant;

• Teachers who are well-credentialed and qualified;

• And a team of passionate and engaged volunteers.

Come and visit us to prepare for the new academic year starting in September 2021!

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