Receiving the Sacraments at St Walburge’s

The Shrine was established in 2014 by the Right Reverend Michael Campbell, Bishop of Lancaster, to provide pastoral care for those who wish to discover the traditional Latin liturgy of the Catholic Church.

Everyone is very welcome to attend Mass and other services at the Shrine or to receive the sacrament of penance, as at any other Catholic church. There is no need to have any previous familiarity with this form of the liturgy in order to attend ceremonies at St. Walburge’s. Certain ceremonies like weddings and baptisms, however, are generally only held in parish churches (the local parish church in this part of Preston is Sacred Heart in Ashton-on-Ribble). Nonetheless, in view of the particular mission of Saint Walburge’s to serve those who wish to worship in the ancient Roman rite, the Shrine has the privilege of administering baptism, marriage, etc., for those who wish to receive the sacraments in their traditional Latin form. It is therefore understood that those who request to hold their marriage or to have their children baptised at the Shrine desire this form of celebration and regularly attend Mass here.


The sacrament of penance is available as indicated on the Liturgical Schedule on the right hand side of the page or by contacting us to make an appointment.


Parents are kindly asked to contact the Shrine before the child’s birth in order to have pre-baptismal classes with the priest. Children should be baptised as soon as possible after birth. Baptisms at the Shrine are normally held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, but other arrangements can also be made.


Couples who ask to receive this sacrament should be attending weekly Mass, and should have separate residences. Arrangements should be made at least six months in advance, and dates cannot be reserved until the couple has begun marriage preparation with the priest and confirmed the date with him. Weddings normally are not celebrated in the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, nor on All Souls Day.

Confirmation/First Holy Communion

Please contact the priest so that catechism classes can be arranged.

Being received into the Catholic Church

Adult baptisms or reception into the Church (for baptised non-Catholics) can be arranged. Those who would like to be received into the Church, or who simply desire to learn more about the beliefs and practices of Catholics, are invited to contact the priest. Personal instruction can be arranged for those who are unable to attend the regular Adult Faith Formation classes.

Anointing/sick visits

Please contact a priest if you would like him to visit you, or to arrange a visit on behalf of a homebound relative or friend.