News from the Vineyard

  • Resumption of Public Worship [updated]

    Resumption of Public Worship [updated]

    Following the statement of H.M. Government, public worship will resume on Wednesday 2nd December and therefore we will once again gather for Holy Mass! The Liverpool City Region has been placed in Tier 2. Meaning that whilst we can finally come back to Mass, we must abide by the government guidelines, these being …
  • November list

    November list

    In November, we remember and pray for our departed loved ones. If you wish to have your deceased family members remembered at daily Mass for the month of November, please include their details below.
  • Christmas Cards

    Christmas Cards

    Wish a Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year to your family and friends. Use the form below to order your selection of our Christmas Cards, specially designed for you this year. All benefits towards the Shrine. Please click on the card you would like to choose, and specify how many cards you would like to …
  • Schedule during the Second Lockdown

    Schedule during the Second Lockdown

    Following the announce of the government to impose a second lockdown, we are rearranging our schedule to offer you everything which is possible to help you crossing this new challenge we are facing. From Thursday 5th November our schedule will be: Untitled 1   Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Rosary 9.30am …
  • Contacting your local representative

    Contacting your local representative

    Having learned of the plan to once again suspend public worship in our churches and therefore prevent the faithful from being nourished by being present for the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Devotions and most importantly denying access to the Sacraments and also having taken cognisance of the recent statements issued by …
  • Second lockdown: A statement from the Rt Rev. Mark Davies, the Bishop of Shrewsbury

    Second lockdown: A statement from the Rt Rev. Mark Davies, the Bishop of Shrewsbury

    “We appreciate the difficult choices faced at this time by government and parliament in responding to the public health crisis conscious of the hardships which even necessary measures bring for society and especially the most vulnerable. “The Prime Minister mentioned in his statement that he judged it necessary to close much that is …

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