Monthly Faith Formation Talk


Introduction to the Gifts of the Holy Ghost

12th November: Gift of Fear of the Lord
15th October: Introduction to the Gifts of the Holy Ghost
17th September: The Sacred Heart in Liturgy – Part 1


The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist following the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas


2000 years of History of the Church

11th June: The persecution of the Church in the 20th century
14th May: The Church at the dawn of the Modern Age: the 19th century (Missions, 1st Vatican Council…)
16th April: The Church & Revolutions: the 18th century (Free-Masonry, the Age of Enlightenment…)
12th March: The Reformation
5th February: The Inquisition
8th January: The Crusades
11th December: The Church until the year 1000
6th November: The Persecutions, 313 AD: Constantine’s Edict
9th October: The Church of the Apostles