Spiritual Talk

July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

A spiritual talk entitled The Precious Blood will be held on Saturday, 9th July, 11.00am in the Parish Hall

All welcome to attend.

Liturgy Fund Update

We are happy to announce that we will receive soon two new copes: a green one and a white cope with humeral veil and stole.

The green cope will serve on Sundays after Pentecost (there will be 21 Sundays in green before the end of the liturgical year). The white cope will be used even more frequently, twice a week during Benediction and on important feasts of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

With the help of the Liturgy Fund we were able to pay the Green Cope in full (see donation box).

Thanks to your generous donations, dear faithful, in the near future it will also be possible for us to pay for the white cope with stole and humeral veil (£1,414.00 total).

Please help us raise another £900.00 for this purpose.

May God reward you for all your help and material support, especially for your prayers on behalf of this apostolate of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in Shrewsbury.

Note: the photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

A Novena of Masses for Fathers

For Father’s Day, give a Spiritual Gift to the men in your life who have nurtured and supported you.
Masses will be offered by the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in the Diocese of Plymouth.
The nine consecutive Masses will begin on 19th June.

  • Novena cards are available at the back of the church.
  • Each packet contains a pink enrolment envelope and a card together with its envelope.
  • Please ensure that the blue enrolment envelope is placed in the collection or handed to a priest.
    Your offering supports the apostolates of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

Feast on Fish and Chips!

Please join us for a fish and chip supper after the 6.30pm Mass on the Feast of the Ascension (Thursday 26th May), in St Winefride’s Hall.

Please Contact Adeline Rayment (07530521568), by the end of Tuesday 24th May to order your food.

Mary, Mother of Divine Grace

A spiritual talk on Mary, Mother of Divine Grace will be given in Saturday, 14th May 2022 at 11:00 Am in the Parish Hall adjacent to St. Winefride’s Church.

All very welcome.

St George – Protector of England

Holy Mass on Tuesday (6.30pm) is that of St. George, Protector of England.

He was martyred at Lydda (now in Israel) in about 303, during the persecution of Diocletian. Like so many saints of that period, the only fact that we can be certain of is his martyrdom. His cult spread quickly through both the East and the West, and the legend of St George and the Dragon only appeared some time afterwards. During the crusades, George was seen to personify the ideals of Christian chivalry, and he was adopted as the patron saint of several city states and countries, including England and Catalonia. King Richard I of England placed his crusading army under the protection of St George, and in 1222 his feast was proclaimed a holiday.

Sancte Georgi Ora Pro Nobis!

Amended Newsletter

If you downloaded or picked up copy of the Newsletter before Easter Sunday evening, which is quite likely, please note, some times have been amended and you ought to refer to this new version: Revised Version

Holy Week at St Winefride’s

10th April: 12.30pm Blessing of Palms & Procession followed by Sung High Mass

11th, 12th and 13th April: Masses and Confessions as usual

th April: 6:00 PM – Sung High Mass, Procession to the Repository, Adoration
(Confession 5pm to 5.30pm)

th April: 3:00 PM – Good Friday Liturgy with Adoration of the Holy Cross
(Confession 9.30am to 9.55am)
(Stations of the Cross 10am)

th April: 8:00 PM – Sung High Mass followed by Blessing of Easter Food
(Confession 7pm to 7.30pm)

17th April: 12:30pm Solemn High Mass