Forthcoming events – April

Students Group

Students Group for young adults: Sat 27th April. If you are interested in attending, please contact Canon Montjean.

Catechism Class from scratch

Friday 26th April 7.15pm, in the Day Chapel. For anyone wishing to learn more about the Catholic Faith or considering reception into the church/baptism. If you cannot make this for whatever reason, please contact Canon Montjean for individual tuition.

Eastertide home blessings

It is a pious custom to bless Christian homes during the Paschal season in honour of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you would like one of the canons to bless your home during Eastertide, please contact a Canon to arrange.

Good Shepherd Sunday Seminary Collection

On Sunday 14th April 2024,  the annual Good Shepherd Sunday Seminary Collection will take place.

Please help our vocations by supporting the Institute’s seminary in Gricigliano! Your priests of tomorrow!

Thank you very much for helping us in the formation of good and generous shepherds of souls!

Triduum Paschale 2024

Sunday 24th March
Palm Sunday

Low Mass

Blessing of the palms, procession and High Mass

Solemn Vespers & Benediction

Thursday 28th March
Maundy Thursday

Gregorian Matins – ‘Tenebrae’

2pm – 6pm

High Mass & Procession – Adoration until Midnight

Friday 29th March
Good Friday

Gregorian Matins – ‘Tenebrae’

12 noon – 2pm

Stations of the Cross

Mass of the Presanctified – 5pm – 6pm: Confessions

Saturday 30th March
Holy Saturday

Gregorian Matins – ‘Tenebrae’

2pm – 5pm

Easter Vigil, Adult Baptism & High Mass
(This Mass doesn’t fulfill your Sunday obligation).

Sunday 31st March
Easter Sunday

Low Mass with organ

High Mass

Solemn Vespers & Benediction

Virtual Retreat for Lent

Mary’s Mantle Consecration: You are invited to join the WhatsApp group for daily recorded meditations. Please speak to Tasha for more info or a Canon.

  • Communal prayer intention chosen by Canon Montjean: for the unity of the Church.
  • Individual prayer intention: can be private if you don’t want to reveal to the group.
  • Culminates in Total Consecration to Our Lady at The Dome with the Canons on Holy Saturday.
  • Requirements: pray daily rosary for the 46 days of Lent; listen/read the daily meditation on a different virtue every day; fast for one allocated day when the rest of the group offers their rosary for your intention.

Fatima Day for Families

Saturday 6th April at 12 noon

Mass followed by packed lunch, spiritual talk, craft activity for girls and younger children, Bushcraft activity outside for boys. If you would like to attend, please contact Canon Poucin or Caroline.

Mass for Epiphany

The feast of Epiphany takes place tomorrow. This an obligatory day in the calendar.

Holy Mass will be celebrated at 10am. Happy feast day in advance!


Christmas Schedule

Sunday 24th December:
Vigil of Christmas. Sunday Morning Masses at 8.30am and 1030am.
First Vespers of the Nativity at 5.30pm.
Sung Matins (Gregorian Chant) at 8.00pm.
Christmas Carols at 10.300pm.
First Mass of Christmas at 11.00pm.

Please note Midnight Mass fulfils your Christmas obligation BUT NOT your Sunday obligation.

Monday 25th December:
Mass (Missa Secunda ‘The Aurora’) at 8.30am
Mass (Missa Tertia) ay 1030am.
Second Vespers of of the Nativity followed by Rosary & Benediction and concluding with Compline at 5.30pm

All Day Adoration

Afternoon Adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament for our Priests.

This begins at 1pm with the Rosary and prayers. Silent Adoration until 6.10pm. Meet at Morrisons Café for lunch at 12noon. All welcome.